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My experience

One of the things I learned in this program is that things can be a lot less complicated then they appear. for example this is more fun than I expected I even made some new friends,I did some videos,traveled,and even got paid to do it.sometimes you have to realize everything can have it's advantages.these past few days have been some of the best days of my life my picture shows it all that is legitimately me smiling but seriously though it's been great being here i've seen things that others wish and dream of seeing so against all odds for once in my life I got lucky and I got in the program.when they were looking for people they put a post on facebook asking people to join well I didn't even know at the time because we don't have internet so that put me at a big disadvantage but luckily for me some one had recommended me so thats how i got in but I cant say how much i enjoy this program and i'm glad I did it.

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