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Aspiring Journalist
About Me

About Me

I used to live in West Harlem for the first couple years of my life and then I moved around in different parts of The Bronx, so I've lived in low income neighborhoods all of my life and understand the struggle of the things that come as a result of living there. As a result I like to take the opportunities to help my community and others who live in similar circumstances which is why I've worked with people like Gale Brewer and EVC to really assist those in need. It's completely unacceptable that people are usually denied access to help or vital resources that shouldn't be denied to any human regardless of location or income, or other things like age and race. 

Work Experience

Work Experience

2017 - 2017

I worked for Manhattan Borough President Gale Brewer as an intern and gained lots of communication skills thanks to everyday constituent activities. A lot of what I learned was really about team work, community work, official correspondence and a lot of just interacting with people. 

2017 - 2017

I worked as a youth producer for EVC. My main role was really researching and interviewing people along with just presenting and compiling data. This led me to continue my interactive work with people on a personal level.

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