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About Griselys

Griselys was born and raised in Puerto Rico and moved to NYC in 2015. She attends International High School at Union Square where she is known for being a creative, friendly, responsible and kind student. Griselys enjoys reading, writing and listening to music on a calm and rainy day. She wants to attend college in the near future where she can study something involving art and creative writing since that is what she most enjoys doing. She is also considering a minor in business.


She decided to join the We Are All Connected project because, she was interested in learning about a rural place where everything is difficult to reach, compared to the city life she resides in. She is also interested in exploring the similarities and connections between rural and urban communities.  For Griselys, it would be ideal for her community to have an eye opening experience before it’s too late and would like to see the communication between communities improve. While we are breathing the same air as the community and working with shared issues, it is important to her that the films she helps produce have the purpose of making a positive impact and changing the way people think. Griselys feels that her role as a filmmaker is behind the camera and having the skills to support the team in any way.  



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