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A Life Changing Experience.

Working within EVC has taught me much, from how to work as a team to how to look at the world in a different way. The "We are all connected" EVC project that took place during the summer and winter of this year 2017 has given me so much that I had never thought to have. I have great knowledge on the very important topic of drug abuse, now know how much the people in rural areas need the assistance of broadband internet, and now I know about the creation of online websites.

I now have new friends (James, Andrew, Peyton, Emily, Griselys, Serenah and Gabriel) they have all been great people in my life. They have taught me culture and have given me advice on important topics for my life. They have all struck me as great people and I hope that by the end of this project I have the opportunity to continue meeting these people at least once a year. From my perspective if I had the opportunity to repeat all of this I would do it over a million times, and I would never regret it. One of my wishes is to one day extend this program far and wide across different areas of our nation and if were lucky enough different areas of our world.

The usage of cameras, microphones, computer software, and social interaction with strangers, has improved me so much. Interviewing strangers on topics we might need had given me more confidence when speaking to other people. Using cameras and other technological devices has given me more knowledge on film creation. And working with my teammates was very fun.

I enjoy this program and I absolutely enjoy working with EVC.

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