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First Tennessee Impression.

After twelves hours spend in a car we arrived to Tennessee. It brought me back to my roots, Puerto Rico. There was nature everywhere and the wind would make you feel satiated by so much purity in it. Those thoughts disappeared the moment I remember the reason why I was in that place since there was so much to get done in so short time.

Me and my team came all the way from New York City to co-work with another team of teenagers in Tennessee. We, the eight teenagers and two teachers, were supposed to coexist in a camp for a week. In that camp we would not be able to communicate in any type of way because of the lack of service with any known company.

My first thought was "OH MY GOD! this is going to be so cool!". I taught that it would be a great life experience and a great opportunity to experiment what t would be to live a life without technology. And indeed it was. After a couple of hour in getting to know the strangers in the camp, we started to be ourselves and learn about each other. It was Andrew, Peyton, James and Emily the students from Tennessee, that joined the project. they had different personalities from each other but each so wonderful person to coexist with.

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