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The highlight of the week.

After spending a week in the rural Tennessee, there were several teachings that I will never forget.

When I spend that week in Tennessee I would never taught that there would be such a high connection between the two different communities. But again, the purpose of this project was to connect the urban with the rural. And indeed it did.

The Project was to create a documentary base in issues were rural and urban would collide. The team choose to film about Broadband access in both, rural and urban communities, and the opiate crisis.

Besides those two topics, there was a variety of "mini" themes related to the two main ones. there was the lack of help for youth the rural towns like Jellico in Tennessee gets, from that to foster kids and how many there are in the towns. Also there was the high rates of suicides, mostly of teenagers.

When I was on my way home I taught about all the opportunities back in the city, I felt so ungrateful. Those people in the towns of Tennessee were killing themselves because they didn't had professional help, like school counselors or therapists. while in the cite there are plenty and free of cost since the government would provide you with that help. There was also the drug problem in the streets and the resources for help. In the city the availability for addiction problems would be of easy access.

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